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Tag : Brain

  • Spin It

    Spin It

    by Ian Evans


    Spin It is an original, simple yet demanding and exacting game that will provide an intense and stimulating test of your timing and reactions. Simply tap to spin and move all...

  • Brain Colour

    Brain Colour

    by Martynas Pocius


    1.Remember all colors that is on screen . 2.Wait for colors to switch into gray. 3.Finaly, flip only those colors which is shown in the upper left corner marked as "Flip&...

  • Wolf and Sheep

    This is a logical game for two players. In this game human plays with four sheep and Android or human with one wolf. At the beginning the sheep and the wolf are located on the...

  • Little Viking: Dungeon of Doom

    Little Viking: Dungeon of Doom

    by WhitePanther Studios


    Help the little viking looting all the treasures. Solve tricky brain teasing puzzles with the little viking in the dungeon of doom. Get golds and unlock levels. The more you m...

  • Math King

    Math King

    by little


    God is the king count you? Use this APP you clearly know that you are not strong. Product Features: - Train your mental arithmetic - Screen concise - World Ranking - Custom ...

  • Sudoku Lite - VTI

    VTI Sudoku Lite by www.congthongtin.com.vn is the game you know and love for your Android phone and tablet. The best way to learn and improve your skills in this classic puzzl...

  • Popular
    Knight's tour

    Knight's tour

    by fynteam


    Knight's Tour is a variation on a classic puzzle that involves moving a knight around a chessboard. It's an exciting game in which you collect coins by moving in an &q...

  • Popular
    Can You Escape this 51 Games

    Can You Escape this 51 Games

    by Hiddenfungames


    HFG presents you the bang of 51 Free New Escape Games which is a complete collection of point and click type latest new room escape games developed and released exclusively fr...

  • Rapid Brain Maths Workout

    Rapid Brain Maths Workout

    by SoftHealer Entertainments


    Get ready for rapid your brain! App useful to test your basic arithmetic operations. It's simple and easy at start but mind get confused after some levels. *Game Lovers!...

  • Royal Hotel Clean Up

    Royal Hotel Clean Up

    by Channel Kids


    In a Royal hotel cleanliness must be taken care of all the time, thus the staff has to tidy the rooms thoroughly. Please clean the hotel room. Give this lovely hotel maid a he...

  • High School Music Stars

    High School Music Stars

    by Channel Kids


      Start your very own cool high school music band in this rock and roll themed Music Girls - High School Band game. Pick your favorite girl to head the band. Design the ...

  • Chef Cooking Story

    Chef Cooking Story

    by Channel Kids


    All the best free Cooking Games in every category and flavor you could ever imagine! Check out our Restaurant, Baking, Meal, Ice Cream and Cake Games! Whether you are a talent...