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Tag : Animal

  • Kitty Cat Puzzles

    You love little cute kittens? You enjoy their purr when you caress them? Then Kitty Cat Puzzles is the right cat app! These cute cats games contain   6 level...

  • Fruit Jump

    Fruit Jump

    by StomStudio Games


    Because the way to go home is out of reach so these cute pets have to jump. Luckily, he can jump far enough Similar to the series game Fruit Slice or Fruit Splash, Fruit Jumpi...

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    Ibbleobble Googly Eye Stickers for iMessage

    Who doesn't like ANIMATED GOOGLY EYES? Stick them on anything! We mean anything! Photos of your friends, dogs, cats, cars or even a photo of your feet! Just do whatever i...

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    Ibbleobble Halloween Stickers for iMessage

    Introducing Ibbleobble Halloween Stickers for iMessage with animated stickers! We absolutely love this spooky time of year so we have created some really scary Halloween stic...

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    Super Kong Saga

    Super Kong Saga

    by StomStudio Games


    In the legend jungle, the Superkong wanted to have a new and long adventure. Although, many difficults and obstacles would coming, he happily decided to go  Super Kong i...

  • City cock

    Tap to jump You drive cock, running over city. You need to jump over trash cans. You need to collect coins Try to run as much as you can

  • Rabbit Run !

    Rabbit Run !

    by Dimitri Sk


    This is a great 2D Rabbit Runner. You can collect Coins and so unlock many new Rabbits ! Have Fun !

  • Jewel Quest - Match 3

    Jewel Quest - Match 3

    by BiBi Smartgame


    Jewel Quest - Match 3 is an amazing and classical match-3 puzzle game like a fruity, candy or cookie puzzle game. There are many crazy puzzles that are created from beautiful ...

  • Learn to count free 123 kids

    Learning numbers has never been this fun before! Watch your child discover the joy of learning as they tap and count along. The app is designed for kids & toddlers. The ga...

  • Monkey Stick Crossing

    Monkey Stick Crossing

    by Dane Sharp


    Let's play Monkey Stick Crossing.... Can you get your monkey across the jungle? With a tap of the finger (or opposable thumb), you can drop the stick and get your monkey c...

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    Guardians: Royal Journey

    Guardians: Royal Journey

    by 玉杰 陈


    Guardians: Royal Journey is a fun and addictive strategy tower defense game brought to you by Haypi Co., Ltd.. With its cute and adorable art style and its casual gameplay it ...

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    Super Jetpack Penguin

    Super Jetpack Penguin

    by ag abellah


    Super Jetpack Penguin blasts on to your Android device in a trail of bruised and battered sharks, birds and jellyfish (to name a few!). Simple one touch game play! Dive to cat...