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  • Wolves and Goat

    This is a logical board game for two players. This game is more simple variant of the game "Fox and Geese" which has its origins in the Middle Ages. In this game on...

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    Words Builder

    Do you like intellectual games, do you play with passion in the language games? Then this game is for you! The game is a combination of the elements of "Scrabble" an...

  • Wolf and Sheep

    This is a logical game for two players. In this game human plays with four sheep and Android or human with one wolf. At the beginning the sheep and the wolf are located on the...

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    A simple app for monitoring atmospheric pressure. The goal of μBarometer is to be useful, small and elegant. Features: Pressure units: mBar, mmHg, inHg Altitude units: ...

  • Puluc


    by XBASoft


    Puluc (also Bul, Buul or Boolik) is an ancient Mayan running-fight board game. Initially the game had ritual significance. Mayan played Puluc the night before the sowing of ma...

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    Filler Classic

    Filler (aka Flood-It or 7 Colors) is a well-known puzzle game. You play against a human or computer opponent on a field with color squares. Your goal is to occupy as many squa...