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    Guess the word image

    Guess 100 images! Guess the picture again. Introducing cognitive puzzle game for mobile devices. In this game you need to guess the player 100 pictures. The display will show ...

  •  Hidden Objects - House

    Find all the items! You've come to the house to collect all the necessary items for you and stuff. At the beginning of each level you will be shown a list of items to be s...

  • House of Horrors Escape

    Do you want to get into a terrible adventure with puzzle elements and black humor? Then this cult game from Dmitry Starodymova you will definitely be to your liking. You have ...

  • Escape from the terrible dead

    Escape from the terrible dead Ivan woke up in his room with the sound of the street. Outside the window, he saw a crowd of walking dead. It's time to test his survival among...

  • Shooting sniper 3

    You have to play a professional killer. In the city there are too many dangerous criminals. Your task is to eliminate the many well-known criminals and murderers. You will be ...

  • Old house Escape

    You woke up in the woods near an old, dark house. The only thing that you remember it as kidnapped girlfriend and hit you on the head. It's time to be a hero! Save your gi...

  • Shooting sniper 2

    Many in the market of games of snipers, but really high quality game in front of you. You are waiting for colorful locations. Many stikmanov waiting on the streets of a big ci...

  • Treasure House Escape

    They will play an archaeologist who devoted his entire life to the search for an interesting ancient treasures. According to known historical data, he decided to find tucked a...

  • Popular
    Home darkness – Escape

    You have to play a man who dedicated his life to finding the treasure. According to historical records found he decided to find an ancient treasure hidden in a gloomy old hous...

  • Stick vs Trollface quest

    You have to play a game about a funny stickman and troll. Your task is to laugh and stick to troll laughed. You have to think, to be careful to understand what to do in a give...

  • Popular
     House 23 - Escape

    Your task is to find a home in a gloomy hidden treasures. On the road you have to solve puzzles, fight monsters, gather the necessary ingredients for a magical ritual. It will...

  • Spider cave

    You have to jump on different spider caves. Jump, cobwebs clinging to the upper border of the cave. On your way will encounter various difficulties and moving objects. Collect...