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  • Car Racing Extreme!

    Car Racing Extreme! Is an all new free racing game! This is a racing car game with tilt action! Simply press the screen for speed and tilt your phone from side to side to stee...

  • Guess the Toys

    Guess the Toys is a fun hidden picture guessing game featuring toys.  Guess what toys are behind the tiles.  You get coins for guessing right.  The more tiles y...

  • Animal Guessing Game

    Animal Guessing Game is a fun animal guessing game.  Simply remove a tile and guess what animal is behind it.  If you need to remove more then you won't win as m...

  • Guess the TV Show Shadow

    Guess the TV Show Shadow is a fun picture trivia word game.   Simply guess the TV show of the shadowed image and move on to the next level.  The shadows can be from ...

  • Trump Hair Racing

    Start your engine! It's time to race against the greatest hair in the history of man kind! Trump Hair! Navigate your car at high speeds and avoid hitting the Donald's ...

  • Popular
    Guess the Character Shadow

    Guess the character shadow is 228 Levels of character shadow guessing fun! Can you guess the character from, TV shows, movies, cartoons, and comics to move to the next level? ...

  • Guess the Animal: Cat or Dog?

    Is it a cat? Or is it a dog? remove a tile and guess. If you can remove just a few tiles up to 4 and guess you get 5 coins. If you go over 4 tiles then you only get 1 point ...

  • Guess the Celebrity Animal

    Guess the Celebrity Animal isn’t your typical guess the celebrity name quiz. This try and guess the celebrity game uses animal pictures that represent a cel...

  • Guess the Image Game Free

    Guess what is behind the tiles in this fun guess the picture game! With over 168 levels and more being added all the time, this guess the hidden picture and guess the word gam...

  • Guess the Horror FREE!

    Guess the Horror FREE! Is a guessing game in which you either get to guess the horror movie, or guess the horror movie character.   Each picture is shadowed so it is har...

  • Emoji Bubble Extreme!

    Make combinations of 3 or more emoji bubbles to make them pop and score points. The more emoji bubbles you shoot at once the more points you get! The more levels you complete...

  • Bizarre Trivia! 2

    Warm up your brain up with 200 odd trivia questions! Test your family and friends knowledge of the strange and unusual today! Not all questions are strange or weird, but man...