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  • Mahjong Kingdom 2

    Continuation of the acclaimed game "Mahjong Kingdom" so like thousands of players from around the world. In this occasion the game brings many graphical improvements, and mor...

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    Witch Spheres

    Help the witch to get the potion for the spell to remove the dark. Connect all the magical bubbles in this enchanting game. You will enjoy, because you will be instantly bewit...

  • Egypt Solitaire

    The goal of this egyptian solitaire is to get rid of all the cards on the screen. To remove a card, it should be one value higher or lower than the open card. A follows after ...

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    Pyramid Mystery Solitaire

    This solitaire game is going to impress. It is a great challenge. Encourage in each of the levels of the ancient Egypt. You find a way to remove the tabs of each level with on...

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    Mahjong Empire

    Train your brain and unlock its full potential with this amazing Mahjong game. Relax and enjoy one of the great board games played in Asia in bygone eras. The game's graphi...

  • Jelly Circus

    Immerse yourself in a fantastic circus adventure, and help the Lollipop family in their exciting world of gelatine. Unlock challenges you encounter along the way. Collect can...