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  • Aphos - Express Ideas, Art & Life on Billboards

    Humans are but a species of expressions, of art, of language. That’s what defines our uniqueness on the earth. Ironically, they are also a species of repression, of chao...

  • AV Player

    AV Player

    by Veera Devloper


    AV Player - Entertainment and joy of life AV Player with powerful equalizer, Quick search all music files, custom background skin, free to get this perfect audio player and ...

  • Evolution CP & IV Calculator

    Evolution CP & IV Calculator

    by Leo Kanellopoulos


    Hello everyone, are you ready to catch and evolve ‘em all? Pokevolution app will be your ultimate calculator. It has everything you need in one toolbox. We welcome Gene...

  • Best Decision - choice making for any decisions

    Buying new MacBook? Wondering which house is best for your family? Choosing holidays: tropical beach or a spirited trip through Asia? Always take the Best Decision! Best Decis...

  • Notepad - Text Editor

    Notepad - Text Editor

    by AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


    Notepad - Text Editor is the simple app to open, edit, delete, rename and save text files to and from the SD card. Features: - Create new text file and folder in the applica...

  • Smart Call Logs

    Smart Call Logs

    by AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


    This android application stores all your Call History data including incoming, outgoing and missed calls entries. Features:  - This app filters incoming ,outgoing and m...

  • Hero English Elementary

    Hero English Elementary

    by Thanh Vo


    Hello everyone, Hero English is practice listening English apps for multi levels from basic to advanced. It's a mobile app used to learn English. It's suitable for e...

  • Scoop Messenger

    Scoop Messenger

    by Amazing Apps


    Scoop Messenger is the latest messaging application in the world! is similar to instant messaging applications but the best in all the details and features. Scoop works super ...

  • Ibbleobble Christmas Stickers

    It's Christmassss!!! We have created these festive christmas stickers to make your messages merry this time of year! Send your friends fun-packed stickers such as bauble...

  • Best Voice Recorder

    Best Voice Recorder

    by Indie Developer


    All of the features the user will need are available for free, There are lots of times you might want to save what you’re hearing for later — perhaps you’re...

  • QHD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)

    QHD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)

    by Android Station


    Our goal is to serve amazing QHD Wallpapers to the people all across the world. Bring your screen to life with exclusive QHD Wallpapers delivered to you by Android Station Tea...

  • Funny Bot - Chatting Robot

    Funny Bot - Chatting Robot

    by NAN Std.


    You can chat similar to Simi chicken but Bot is more interesting. Bot will help you to relax, creates joy for you, will answer all your questions Using this app is really simp...