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Zoo Escape! – Animal Match

Zoo Escape! – Animal Match

by BlackOpzFX Labs


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  • Zoo Escape! – Animal Match
  • Zoo Escape! – Animal Match
  • Zoo Escape! – Animal Match
  • Zoo Escape! – Animal Match
  • Zoo Escape! – Animal Match
  • Zoo Escape! – Animal Match
Zoo Escape! is the animal matching game where you match animals to capture and return them back to the zoo. Its a fun fast quick game of wits where you must think fast to win. Escaped animals drop into the screen and you have to use the net to capture them. The rules are simple. Match animal faces to capture them. You must capture at least 2 animals at a time and they must be the same type. - Youtube: https://youtu.be/jKxxSTz48TI You can capture up to 6 animals at a time BUT the first animal and the last animal selected must be the same type. As long as the first and the last matching animals are the same type you can also capture any that are between them. For each animal captured your reward bonus increases. The more animals you capture - the more money you make!! Zoo Escape! is the fun, fast animal matching game that players of all ages will enjoy. The animals have escaped from the Zoo. Catch them for Cash!!

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