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Zombie VS Worm

Zombie VS Worm

by hkfrankhk


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  • Zombie VS Worm
  • Zombie VS Worm
  • Zombie VS Worm
  • Zombie VS Worm
Come On! Smash teeth with your hammer! “Zombie VS Worm” is one of good game for RELEASING Complaints. It's prehistoric Zombie blasting fun!!! Prehistoric Zombie, ’The Worm Under My Teeth. Come On! Smash teeth with your hammer. Help me find it. I want to scrunch the worm!!!’ Worm is Under One of teeth, but which one is it? Push as less teeth as you can. Look Zombie’s eye! He feel extremely painful while his tooth blasting. Find worm quickly!!! Meanwhile, When you have to make a decision with your friends, It can help you. You can't decide who buy the cinema ticket? Who wash the dirty clothes? Who drink beer at a party? Let this pathetic zombie make decision for you. Objectives: There is a Hammer in your hand. Smash Zombie’s teeth. Help he find worm. When you find the worm. Zombie will close its mouth to kill his enemy. Feature: 1. Absolute fun with friends 2. The Person who find the worm is the Winner 3. Dramatic and dreamy art design which looks amazing on your device 4. Exciting music and sounds effects

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