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Zombie Company Crusade

Zombie Company Crusade

by Recon Jack Media


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  • Zombie Company Crusade
  • Zombie Company Crusade
  • Zombie Company Crusade
  • Zombie Company Crusade
  • Zombie Company Crusade
From fighting off the zombie horde to attacking your enemies with FULL TROOP CONTROLS, take control of your crusade and save the world from the zombie scourge. Experience the apocalyptic world first hand. Fight your friends and foes to see whose army and strategy is the best in the Arena. Command multiple engineers to each build and upgrade. Features: -Command your army with full in-battle troops controls. Select each troop individually or command them as an entire unit. YOUR army is under YOUR command! -Battle your friends and enemies in our all-new Arena Mode. Wager on a battle and see whose strategy makes them the victor. -Your engineers work your You! Add multiple engineers to one building to make the build time go faster. It’s your base, build it your way. -Save the world from the zombie scourge in our epic campaign mode. -Use Zombie Survival Mode to test the defense of your base and see how many waves of zombies you can survive! -Battle and talk to other players from around the world. -Train your troops, build defensive weapons, and become stronger by upgrading their abilities and strength in the university. -Unlock achievements- get the rewards and gain the advantage.

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