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Zombie Augmented Reality AR

Zombie Augmented Reality AR

by Samuel Wilson


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  • Zombie Augmented Reality AR
  • Zombie Augmented Reality AR

1. Download & install the App.
2. Download the Marker from the link https://goo.gl/EqgrrH
3. Print the Marker.
4. View the Marker through the app and enjoy the game

Are you a game lover than we have come up with an excellent shooting game for you all. “ AR Zombie Abomination” is the thing for you. An interesting and fun 3D game based on Augmented Reality for every age of people for free. Basically it is a shooting game where you have to shoot the zombies coming in your path to achieve the objectives of a stage. The best part of this game is that it is based on Augmented Reality.

There is a whole story built behind this game which is also very much interesting. Let's hear the story.

Once upon a time in abandon city, there was a secret experiment was going on for DNA improvisation to create a Superhuman but Unfortunately the experiment couldn't give the results as expected and went completely wrong . Because of the side effect of the medicines, people were turning into Zombies. The whole city was full of Zombies but the last hope was their to convert Zombies into humans again by making AntiZombie DNA. You can save that city by making the AntiZombie DNA. Now how you can convert Zombies into Human again? Download now to find the answer and to save the city from Zombies.

There are total 3 stages to convert Zombies into Humans.
1st is to kill 20 Zombies without loosing any life. Automatically 2nd stage will start. 2nd stage is to survive till the time you don't get the DNA samples from the civilian and those samples don't start it's effect on the Zombies and convert them into humans.

A fascinating game where all you can have is fun, fun and more Fun. 3D effects, graphics, the sound and the experience of the game will give you some goosebumps. Excitement, thriller, suspense, entertainment, visual experience: what else would you expect from a game.

All you need to play this game is a “Marker”. You must be wonder that what is “Marker” so click on the link given above and get the print of the image given there on a normal paper. That is called a “Marker” And using that you can play this game on Augmented Reality. This game is available on Android platform so go and get it now.

To have real experience of the game, you have to play it by yourself. Haven't you downloaded it yet than what are you waiting for? Play it now.

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