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zied yaich

zied yaich

by Zied YaiCh


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zied yaich

Our purpose by developing this app is to educate kids with a lot of fun, so they learn the basics while playing attractive games. This app contains mathematical games with different levels so that all kids in different ages could learn.
Also an small alphabet puzzle that improve the reflection and learn how to write for those who doesn't know yet.

Another attractive game that at first show every color and this write name, after learning this part the kid can play a quiz that associate a color with an aleatoire name.
A game that displays an animal sound then the kids must select the write animal who make that sound.
And our big surprise is for those kids who are deaf, we've make a menu that teach them the alphabet sign language and the numbers sign language as along with an mathematic game that use the numbers sign language in purpose to improve there mathematic skills also they could practice the signs.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any question or improvement to make and my best regards .