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You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!

You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!



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  • You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!
  • You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!
  • You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!
  • You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!
  • You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!
Why does the Moon’s shape change every day? Your Child’s Journey from Curiosity to Understanding. *** App Introduction Mom~ Dad~ Why does the Moon’s shape keep changing? How would you explain this to your children? Didn’t you also wonder and worry about it when you were young? How are children learning in schools today? And how will they learn in the future? The First App in the Visual Science Series, “You Know Moon Phase? Feel the Angle!” This is an experiential app that helps understand the Moon’s phase changes. See and touch the unimaginable shapes of the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon in 3D! How does the moon look from space after receiving sunlight? How does it look from Earth? Why does it look different from the two spaces? Feel the answers through 3D simulations while following the steps, beginning with comparisons of the sizes of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. *** Science Educational Experiential App Series Science was developed by watching repetitive phenomena and understanding their principles. WICEAN’s You Know? Series is composed so users can practice these inductive logic developments. Look, touch, and answer questions while following the app’s steps and you will naturally reach a solution. Develop thinking skills with the Visual Science series. Provide children with the chance to think about the origins of phenomena from an early age. *** Contents 1. Sizes of the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon 2. Distance between the Moon and the Sun 3. What happens with a sphere-shaped object gets light? 4. Shape of Spun Hemisphere 5. Looking at the Moon from Outer Space 6. Changes in the Moons Shape 7. Did you take a good look at the last step? *** WICEAN is THE Company for Science Education Contents! We at WICEAN are always striving to make good contents. Your support is the source of our strength. If you’d like to see even more contents from WICEAN, then please leave us reviews! Homepage : www.wicean.com Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/wicean Visual Science Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/wiceanVS Tiwitter : https://www.twitter.com/wicean

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