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You Know Gravity? It Attracts You! [Lite]

You Know Gravity? It Attracts You! [Lite]



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  • You Know Gravity? It Attracts You! [Lite]
  • You Know Gravity? It Attracts You! [Lite]
  • You Know Gravity? It Attracts You! [Lite]
  • You Know Gravity? It Attracts You! [Lite]

You Know Gravity? It Attracts You! - Lite

*** Support is only provided for the iPhone5/iPad2 and higher versions.

Gravity, the force that created the Earth and the Sun.
Gravity, a thankful force that lets us stay attached to the Earth.
Humans sometimes use this gravity to launch satellites or travel to different planets.
Experience the mysterious theory of gravity with You Know Gravity~

*** App Introduction

How were the Earth and the Sun made?
Why do artificial satellites and the Moon revolve around the Earth?
How do we feel gravity?

If gravity didn’t exist, then outer space would not have been created.
Gravity, the fundamental force responsible for bringing everything in the universe to existence.
Even now, gravity keeps pulling us along.
Universal gravitation, the force Newton discovered after watching an apple fall.
Find out about gravity with “You Know Gravity?”!

Newer, more fascinating, and more exciting than before!
The third application in the VISUAL SCIENCE series. “You Know Gravity? It Attracts You!”
Show your children what real science is!

*** Contents

1. Downward Direction and Gravity
2. The Direction of Gravity
3. The Characteristics of Gravity
4. Sprinkle the Particles
5. Principles of Orbital Motion
6. Orbit to Save the Alien

*** Science Educational Experiential App Series

Science was developed by watching repetitive phenomena and understanding their principles.
WICEAN’s You Know? Series is composed so users can practice these inductive logic developments.
Look, touch, and answer questions while following the app’s steps and you will naturally reach a solution.

Develop thinking skills with the Visual Science series.
Provide children with the chance to think about the origins of phenomena from an early age.

*** WICEAN is THE Company for Science Education Contents!

We at WICEAN are always striving to make good contents.
Your support is the source of our strength.
If you’d like to see even more contents from WICEAN, then please leave us reviews!

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