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World War - Raiden Fighter

World War - Raiden Fighter

by Hai Duong


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World War - Raiden Fighter
World War - Raiden Fighter
World War - Raiden Fighter
World War - Raiden Fighter
World War - Raiden Fighter

Raiden Squadron fighter is a nostalgic style of the sky force, War Thunder, raiden spaceships, Aircraft War, Space intruders, Galaxy war, STRIKERS 1945 or space shooter the game uses the classic style of World War II realistic, highly restored World War II air battlefield, is a crazy love for World War II fans boutique flying shooting game! The game has a perfect operating feel, high-definition HD screen, the same screen thousands of gorgeous barrage, so you have a straightforward experience of the aircraft!

Classic raiden space ship shooter game consists of eight vertical scrolling missions where the player maneuvers the Raiden craft dodging and destroying enemy robots, buildings, ground targets, and aircraft. There are bombs and missile powerups as well as collectable medals which add to the score. When player dies, the fighter's fragments become projectiles that damage enemies.

★ game play ★
1. Finger click on the screen to control the fighters to move, to avoid the enemy's barrage and aircraft;
2. Click the bomb button to release the bomb to destroy all enemies (not including the Boss body);
3. defeated Zabing (including a variety of air force and ground tanks) and each level Boss body, to win;
4. The fighting process can eat a variety of props to help enhance the body capacity, but also help to improve the ACE after the clearance of air combat evaluation.
Note: After the clearance ACE combat evaluation of the higher air, the higher the money received

★ game features ★
1. Thunderbolt fighters has a wealth of game points, each level has a different battlefield experience of World War II, the war reduction degree is extremely high;
2. Aircraft fighter. A large number of aircraft for players to choose, each body has a different barrage, armor, mobile speed and other properties;
3. Strike fighter provide class RPG game aircraft to develop a transformation system that can enhance the body's barrage, armor, mobile speed and other attributes and capabilities;
4. War Thunder The enemy aircraft and ground tanks in the game will drop a variety of props, plus blood, heavy machine guns, bombs, increase life, increase wingman and so on;
5. Squadron Game provides endless mode, you can repeatedly challenge the level Boss body, and brush money;
6. ACE combat interesting ACE air combat ACE evaluation system, the higher the evaluation will be the higher the money back;

★ Available fighter ★
1. Space Thunder fighter: the player has the first machine, barrage and armor in general, but a wingman in the case of great power;
2. Invaders Hurricane fighters (also known as Thunder Dragon fighters): a wide range of barrage, armor is very strong;
3. Space galactic Laser fighters (also known as sorcery fighters): Barrage with tracking missiles, the most effective against ground tank forces;
4. Warhawk Ninja Fighter (also known as Hawkeye): moving speed on the fast, give you the feeling of hawk hit the sky, the launch of the barrage is gorgeous ninja hand sword;
5. Space intruders Titan fighter: the most solid fighter, with high armor, against the enemy Boss warship of the weapon;
6. Space galaxy Ghost fighter: here into a sci-fi with a high-tech machines, with the ability to effectively enlarge the move, in order to go to this fighter, the conditions are quite harsh Oh!
7. War Thunder Dragon Fighters: hidden body Thunder Dragon fighters, this is the only helicopter fighter, the use of Apache appearance, with a shotgun and tracking missiles two weapons;
8. Air force Choi Jing fighter: shape design inspired by the classic game color Jing, is known to be a huge pigeon, firing laser weapons;

Sky force with rich content, beyond imagination, and constantly cross the border, open a new body, and the enemy staged a peak war!