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World of the Wild

World of the Wild

by Natalie Kyriacou


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World of the Wild

There is a land that has been devastated by destruction; lifeless and grey, it has been poisoned by toxic oil and waste that corrupt the earth. Poachers have captured the land and are destroying entire animal species, preying on them in the quiet of the night, and exploiting developing societies. But you can change this!
You must build your own sanctuary and rescue animals from the brink of terror, cruelty and extinction. Young orangutans have been orphaned; turtles, dolphins, cheetahs and elephants are waiting for you to save them!
Join us as we embark on this terrifying, yet beautiful journey to save some of the most precious species on earth.

About The Game:

World of the Wild is a mobile game app that encourages young people to participate in virtual wildlife and environmental conservation scenarios. The app represents and profiles 18 charities from around the world, and each charity supports a particular species, which users are able to rescue and rehabilitate. World of the Wild offers educational pop quizzes and interactive games.

In World of the Wild, you can:

  • Compete in interactive pop quizzes
  • Rescue wildlife & build your own world
  • Real-life virtual conservation scenarios
  • Deter poachers, clean oil spills & save the world!
  • Support 18 charities
  • Connect with other players and view their worlds
  • Meet the world’s most threatened species