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Words Ocean

Words Ocean

by Saint-Clyde


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  • Words Ocean
From Saint-Clyde we offer you not a simple word search game, but a whole Ocean of Words to find over 200000 words. Dive into the depths of the Words Ocean and solve the grids before running out of breath. If you are tired of the typical word searching games, with small grids and just a few words to search for, this is your chance! Why choosing Words Ocean over your every day word search game: -Grids with up to 10000 letters and up to 50 words to search and find -Over 200000 words in english collected from the Scrabble tournaments official list, almost every single word of the language! -2 Game Modes: *Arcade: The grids of letters will grow up in size and the amount of words to search will grow too. Also as you descend into greater depths, the ocean will become darker and darker, and you will lose oxygen more quickly *Free Play: Play any grid size you have already won on arcade mode, without a time limit and without any visibility restrictions -A Shop with upgrades that will help you survive in the greatest depths -The possibility to restrict common curse words from the game, so anyone can play! -You can easily share your progression on facebook to spread the word and challenge your friends -Totally Free! Are you ready for the challenge? ;)

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