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Wolf Quest: Wild Animal Life

Wolf Quest: Wild Animal Life

by Lisa Jeff


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Wolf Quest: Wild Animal Life

Play as a wild wolf and know the real wild life of wolf in jungle with our Wolf Quest: wild Life simulator game.Battle with wild enemies, find mate and raise up pups to increase your family growth in this wolf simulator game.You should behave like a real wild wolf and explore amazing snow hills jungle full of adventures.Protect your-self from wild predators like bear,fox,zebra,goat and duck which are most dangerous for your pups.Your main goal is to explore the forest as a wild wolf, find food for them and fight against other wild predators walking around.If you like animal simulators game then this is best wolf survival simulator for you.This ultimate wild wolf simulator game will give you an opportunity to live the real life of wolf and his family.From the small weak and helpless cub through mature stallion to the ghost of the old wolf.Take care of your pups and have fun with Forest wolf Simulator and survive your wild life in forest.

Choose gender and colour to have fun playing Wolf Quest:wild Life great game for those who loves animal simulators game.Get ready to wear the skin of the wild gray wolf, run to find another wolf to make a family and enjoy journey together. Wolf Quest:wild Life is giving you chance to raise up from a little cub to the adult wolf, meet and mate with other wolves of the forest.Fight against wild predators and just have fun in this wild wolf simulator game.Keep in your mind health, energy and food indicators - if one of it drops –then there is no chance to stay alive.Learn your new attacks and prepare your pups to survive life in forest.You are surviving your life with different animals some of them could become your friends and some are your direct rivals.Walk with your cubs, teach him, start your wild adventure and be real wild wolf in this snow wolf simulator 3d game.

Wolf Quest: wild Life Game Features:
-3 amazing wild wolves to choose
-Beautiful and realistic 3D world to explore
-Beautiful HD graphics and realistic animations
-12 ultimate wild wolf simulator full of entertaining missions
-Level up your wolf by performing different activities & quests

It is a highly realistic wild wolf simulator in which you have to fight for survival in the dangerous wilderness.Forest is a wonderful place for animals where they have fun all day.Wolf Quest: Wild Animal Life is a combined Fusion of Adventures, Ultimate Simulation and rampage around the vast Jungle.Have fun jumping and running through the massive jungle as you play many engaging and fun wolf quests.It’s a Realistic wolf simulator game where you feel like playing in reality as there is day and night cycles and beautiful HD graphics to keep you amazed throughout the game.So are you ready to tackle this wild beast in this action packed wolf quest simulator free 2017? Download Wolf Quest: wild Life game and start the battle of survival and hunger.