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Witch Bubble Jump

Witch Bubble Jump

by Lee Nash


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  • Witch Bubble Jump
  • Witch Bubble Jump
  • Witch Bubble Jump

Witch bubble jump is a fast paced running based jumping game.
Very Easy To play , Tab screen to jump to avoid obstacles in your world adventure!
Control Witch and collect bubbles as much and gems you can. and remember ! the dumb way to die in game is to touch one of the obstacles.
Simple game rule for kids but it's surprisingly challenging.

This is a new and funny version for witch bubble jump that's is a very attractive game and the witch bubble jump one of the most great games in earth.

**How to play this adventure Witch bubble jump game **

* Catch the crowns for score and run faster with witch.
* Mind the obstacles on the road.
*The dumb way to die is to touch one of the obstacles there !

**Features For This new ball**
2 worlds packs
Other world coming soon
86 levels
Clean and colorful graphics
Phone and Tablet support
Very funny.
One of the great dash games in store
Top Free Game as well.
One of the best game in the world . 
Funny game & adventure.

Happy Witch Bubble Jump.

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