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Wild Animals Police Transport

Wild Animals Police Transport

by Lisa Jeff


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  • Wild Animals Police Transport

Latest wild animals police transport simulator game is here , you are the police officer to get all angry animals from big 3D city and send them to zoo through Police transport Truck. Before the jungle animals hurt any citizen you have to send them to their cages. You will drive police transport truck and send them from city to zoo.These angry animals can hurt anyone so you should the wild animals to send their cages through police transport truck. king of the jungle in this Wild Animals Police Transport game.you will get the transporter truck from zoo.

This police car driving game is full of action , as you drive police transport truck looking for the wild animals which have escaped from the zoo. Animal transport truck driving 3d is the newest police truck transport game.In this animal eating game, it’s your responsibility to protect the citizens from angry animals or wild zoo animals and transport them with your police truck like animal transporter games.

Farm animals and zoo animals are on roads you will transport them to zoo in truck driving 2016 game. This ultimate wild animal simulator demands you to make sure the wild animals get in the police truck transport cage and back to the zoo. There are number of wild animals and farm animals that you have to transport to the destination to complete the game such as bear, dinosaur, wolf, hippopotamus, lion, rhinoceros, etc.you will use the transport truck for sea animals.

Wild Animals Police Transport game features:

- Real animals police truck transport missions
- Hunt Jungle animals to transport in truck
- Stunning big 3D city in this police car driving game
- Variety of police vehicles to transport zoo animals
- Zoo Animals Transport truck game

Zoo transport for all angry zoo animals with the police truck transport and make sure the wild animals like gorilla, hyena, tiger, bison or cheetah don't hurt any of the citizens. Enjoy the mixture of police truck driving and animal rescue from the big city in WILD ANIMALS POLICE TRANSPORT game.

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