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WikiGames World of Gamer

WikiGames World of Gamer

by Jesplay Studios


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  • WikiGames World of Gamer
  • WikiGames World of Gamer
  • WikiGames World of Gamer
  • WikiGames World of Gamer
WikiGames is GAMER Android community where unknown source games and most popular sources have a particular vision, personal but with a clear objective, recommending the best and most entertaining games to us, the GAMER. His mission and the rest of GAMER: get a compilation of the 150 best games around the world, where we want you to be participants and elaboréis us the best range of games today and tomorrow. It is a simple App to use, with an attractive and elegant design with easy navigation access categories of games, plus news and featured games a week to complete this magnificent Platform Games. You can consider it a BLOG, as a PLATFORM DOWNLOAD or as a GUIDE, but the intention is a App Player for players where they recommend the best games of all categories, whether new or old, most popular or less, but games true professionals where we spent the dead hours playing and playing and enjoying for it. It is rewarding to have a guide to games where visibility is not a matter of money and positioning, but a GUIDE personal and visionary character to download games that are worthwhile and share power. Whether or for entertainment, graphics effects, creativity and usability, being innovative and offer something different or any GAMER effect produced by us and engage us like we were children, WikiGames can offer us what we're all Players: Play, enjoy and share with a friend you're looking for the easiest and fastest way. Today features a range of interesting games, but as promised we have an extensive tour to get the Top 150 Games, besides going updating them with news that appear on the improvement of the games or even new games. We can use the Facebook platform to review and recommend our best games, like to rule and to eliminate those unwanted, or stay antiquated or outdated for its use, serviceability, or function, but remember that it is a community and all contribute our bit. We are interested in evaluating each and from ethics and common sense not because we want a fighting game developers, with criticism of his competence to be within the positioning WikiGames or to recommend that my game is better than yours, or willing to the use of profanity and provocative words as they are removed from the community. Then I said, if you want to join this world called "World of Gamer" and find us and yourself the best new games, strangers and people through mentoring WikiGames, get ready for the race begins and is a career background. Follow the GAMER fans, remember that you are one of them and enters recommend us see what games or can recommend ourselves. Enjoy playing, share opinions and download scoring. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jesplaystudios.wikigames.

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