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White House Escape - Trump

White House Escape - Trump

by Kristi Roberts


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White House Escape - Trump
White House Escape - Trump
White House Escape - Trump
White House Escape - Trump
White House Escape - Trump
White House Escape - Trump

Help Trump escape & beat all the invaders trying to take over the White House! Politics is a dirty game & members of an underground rivalry squad have broken in the white house preventing any escape. They are trying to take away the presidential seat!! This among free escape games includes a crazy gameplay with Trump making the most of his escape & protecting the most important building in the country. This Trump escape is all about beating the enemies roaming inside the building. Grab the giant gavel of justice & smash those enemies!! Make the escape from building after dealing with those criminals. Bring them to justice!! With a rebellious & a cut-throat personality, Trump will make it hard for them stay inside building before they escape. Stealthily plan & try to escape from the building without getting hurt by the mobsters. 

Avoiding catching attention of all the enemies at once in the free escape game. Wisely gain insight on where the enemies are patrolling & trying to surround Trump. By using a stealth mode in his escape you will be better able to sneak out of position. Help Trump to make an escape & save himself for the upcoming elections. Escaping while facing tough criminals is a daunting task, but not for this candidate because he has a real escape game plan!!

Beware of enemies ready to pounce on you, & sniper cops on the lookout for you while breaking out. This is a real escape game testing one’s sneaking & melee attack skills. Knowing the path of hallway corridors for a perfect escape is quite difficult as the underground gang members are constantly on patrol in between rooms. Fight them way towards an escape as you do not have a choice to get out otherwise. Make the Trump escape with clever & aggressive tactics. Are you up for the challenge to play as the most popular candidate in White House Escape – Trump Game? This is going to be one hell of a prison escape adventure for you. Download this free escape game now & play as the next president!

White House Escape – Trump Key Features: 

- Play Trump trying to escape and bring enemies down to justice!!
- Realistic 3D White House Environment with props such as president’s table, flag
- Intuitive & Fluid Attack Controls & escape movement
- Exciting gameplay includes escape the building & fighting against enemies
- Challenging Levels includes Hidden Objects & Surprises!
- Gameplay includes collecting power ups such as time extension, health
- Use stealth in taking out enemies during escape 
- Escape Weapons include Trump’s giant Gavel. 
- Experience the ultimate trump escape challenge