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What Do You Do

What Do You Do

by Lumbrales Software


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  • What Do You Do
  • What Do You Do
"What do you do?" Is a nice graphic adventure game which aims to imitate well known mythical games such as Maniac Mansion or Broken Sword. What happened with this lovely gender? Nobody seems to care anymore about this kind of games... well, we do! "What do you do?" is a very simple yet complicated game where you can decide what to do in each step. Do you remember those childhood books where you could decide which action to take and you'll gave to jump within the pages to complete your own story? This game is about it. Bear in mind that every single decision that you take matters. Will you be able to accomplish all the missions? Give it a try! Features: • Offline mode! You can play while you are in the tube :) • Free and no ads • It can be hard, but it's good fun! • Multi-language Missions: - London: You have to meet your girlfriend on the other side of the tube, and you are running late... hurry up! - Las Vegas: Will you be able to keep the bachelor party going? - Police: Imagine that you are a London policeman for a day! ... many more coming soon, without annoying updates, they'll download directly to your phone when you have internet available! Good luck and enjoy your adventure with "What do you do?". Don't forget to give some feedback, please. This is an Open Source project, feel free to contribute/get in touch with us in our GitHub repository: https://github.com/CabezasGonzalezJavier/WhatDoYouDo

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