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Whack Magic

Whack Magic

by Gamer Heat


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*** A Revolutionary tapper game that combines the simple gameplay of Whack-a-Mole Games and the magical RPG elements of Fantasy Games ***

Are you looking for a cool game that allows you to test your reflexes and imbue your experience with amazing fantasy gameplay? Welcome to Whack Magic, the ultimate tapping game that allows you to use magic and the might of your fingers to slay various monsters while embarking into a beautiful adventure unlike never before.


SMASH YOUR FOES: in 80 Different Stages including spectacular Boss Fights
USE MAGIC: unleash and crush your foes with Powerful Magic
FIGHT AGAINST: various Monsters all of them with their Own Powers
RETINA GRAPHICS: attractive Magical Maps and Scenes
CUSTOMIZE YOUR HERO: over 10 Powerful Weapons and Armors for Your Choice
SUMMON MONSTERS: collect the Pieces and Summon your own Monsters
PLAY WHEREVER YOU ARE: simple controls with Flexible Gameplay
LEGENDARY STYLE: amazing European Cartoon Style
FOR ALL AGES: suitable for Kids and Adults alike

"It is a fantastic magic world. The Tree of World has sunk in sleep by the tricks of Lord of Evil, thus, our young wizard is summoned by magic to enter this world. The spear-armed blue frogs, the mysterious desert ghosts, and the Lord of Evil hidden inside the lava abyss...Beat them! And the Tree of World will wake up and the magic world will regain peace, and this is also the glorious way for you to become a great wizard!"

With an intense one tap gameplay there are plenty of monsters to slay, tons of powerful weapons and locations to choose from, Whack Magic is the best and most impressive RPG whacking game you have ever seen, so what are you waiting for? Jump in and whack those monsters!

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