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Water Surfer Car Racing

Water Surfer Car Racing

by confun game


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Water Surfer Car Racing
Water Surfer Car Racing
Water Surfer Car Racing
Water Surfer Car Racing

Get ready to real drive of water car and trucks and enjoy the beach, sea and ocean ride.Water surfer car simulator game to enjoy the thrill ride across the sea spaces and underwater with the fishes and sharks.In this beach water truck rider simulation your mission is select a favorite car drive on beautiful beach water track and collect all check points in specific limited time.You can drive a car on water like a road then jump into sea your car tire is floating like a boat like you are riding boat in water.Collect magical lights under water to complete floating missions.Enjoy amusement drives with intense challenge and fishes are also jumping with animation. Drive car boat driving simulator have best perfection for most challenging 10 amazing levels.

Ride your underwater or floating Jet Ski speed car and perform ultimate water stunts.Perfect beach riding with amazing sea environment to test your boat drive skills under ocean.This water car can surf with fishes and have dangerous driving experience with full package of entertainment.This floating car surfer game will test your ability, timing and accuracy as your perfect skills to gain maximum speed.To play more levels then you complete the extreme challenges of this game and going to be carefully from obstacles in every track.Get in your super fast modified race car to race for glory in this fast paced super car surfing game.