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Vegas Mafia god training fight

Vegas Mafia god training fight

by game spy


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Vegas Mafia god training fight
Vegas Mafia god training fight
Vegas Mafia god training fight

Vegas Mafia god training fight 2017 is an ultimate action game of 2017. Welcome to Vegas Mafia god training to be extraordinary mafia crime commando fighter or mafia lords commando training school.
Test your physical fitness and mental discipline level by playing this mafia training fun game. It is not easy to be a mafia crime soldier. Clear strictly intensive assault course. Do not allow yourself to take your place ashamed and humiliated. the clear obstacle in various vegas mafia places such as boxing arena, mafia games old city and much more.

Life threatening situations make your death so that you do not fear on the battlefield against the other mafia underworld gangsters. It is all about being from ordinary to extraordinary by traveling the hardest of the paths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in the mafia agent. Become one man army and face world armed forces to prove which country mafia gangsters are best. Is it US or Russia? India or Pakistan?

You will be trained to cross layers of security with difficult pass-code, strong lockers and patrolling enemy security officials for your survival. Be careful about the security cameras monitoring the sensitive areas. Once you enter Mafia god training Academy, your physical and mental strength is checked at every level. This newest mafia battle training action game is all that you need. Enter the tough battlefield training sessions with combat sniper rifles, realistic ammunition, special gears, and camouflage to become a trained professional commando just like a super-mafia soldier. Use easy controls to swipe, jump, run, attack and kill. Enjoy one of the best Mafia god training games to train your troops and prepare for a battle. This special mafia crime forces training school brings you highly intense specialized assault courses. The courses have been compiled from other countries as well, like Pakistan, India, Russia etc. SWAT games and Army games are nothing without jumping, crouching, rope climbing and crawling. Clear mafia city by passing the hardest courses test in this action filled mission game. You’ll have to maintain a strict physical training schedule at the training school. Survive every step of US mafia training course coldest nights,  and life threatening situations to become a skillful mafia hero.

Life of an agent starts as soon as he is secretly enrolled in the intelligence training agency. When you enter the training school, you have to forget your identity as you cannot tell anyone where you are and what are you doing. It is all under the table like undercover life. Secret Agent Vegas Mafia god training school is a 3D free game with challenging missions to accomplish in limited time. You would be trained by a secret service agency who recruited you to protect the mafia gangsters. A mafia spy life is nothing more than stealth operations like to steal secret information from top mafia members personals, mafia secret units, have the ability to infiltrate in mafia underworld enemy secret buildings, areas, and hideouts and then get back to the state of the home country

Features of Vegas Mafia god training fight: 
•    One Of The Vegas Mafia god training fight School Obstacle Course
•    You Have To Collect Maximum Medals To Honor Your Mafia Boss Within Time Limits
•    Smooth Controls With Battle Engaging Music To Enhance Your Gaming Experience
•    Different mafia games areas for different missions.
•    Realistic Combat Training Of Climbing, Jumping, Rolling & Shooting
•    This Is The Most Thrilling And Adventurous Vegas Mafia god Training Course.
•       The best training games environment.
•       The best training game missions.