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Under water:Scuba Diving

Under water:Scuba Diving

by Gravity Infosoft


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  • Under water:Scuba Diving
  • Under water:Scuba Diving
  • Under water:Scuba Diving
  • Under water:Scuba Diving
nder water is a game where you can get the full concept of scuba driving beside its fun of playing.That game is for all age of game player who are interested to play adventure game.In under water game a option for guide which will help to choose the guide and each moment of journey player can get a idea what is near by location.A idea about all water living fish will be provided by the guide.Exp(experience in the term of game elements) is important to get some useful features like more life,guide,shield,choose character,choose sea scope option.By using the area of sale player can sell the products what then finally get. Underwater is a scuba diving guide and adventure time game.In that game player have to save themselves from robber,neighbor,complain to cop,secure the warehouse,collect gems gold coin from blue sea and save them selves from dangerous fish .Its a survival game from various shark,fish,tortoise,sea horse,whale,dolphins etc.Its a complete scuba diving planner survival games under the sea water.

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