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Unblock It – The Soccer Cup

Unblock It – The Soccer Cup

by DLGames


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  • Unblock It – The Soccer Cup
  • Unblock It – The Soccer Cup
  • Unblock It – The Soccer Cup
  • Unblock It – The Soccer Cup
You now have the chance to Unblock the Cup in this amazing arcade game. We are all familiar with the game concept but this is a fresh and new look to the game. This game is free and an addictive puzzle game. The goal is, as you already noticed, to unblock the cup out of the football field by sliding the other objects on the field in any direction that you find suitable in your quest to win the stage. Try to unblock it with minimal moves so you could be able to win the maximum number of stars. There are 4 different difficulties ragging from Beginner to Expert in the absolute challenging 45 levels that will be more difficult one after another. This game is challenging, don’t let go and try to obtain 3 stars to the all levels. And let’s face it the only winner in this game is you, how many can just sit in their own house and win a Championship Cup? Let me answer that question, only the ones that play this brain trainer. Don’t forget if you are not satisfied with your performance on a level, it’s really easy to press the replay button to gain the maximum number of stars. Just don’t wait anymore and play the game so that you can obtain victory with no physical action just brain. Demonstrate that you got the brains to become the new Worlds Champion. What do you get by playing this game: - Hours of hard work for obtaining 3 stars for all levels. - No Hint system, to make it more difficult. - 4 different difficulty levels, that change on advancing in the game. - An easy to replay button. - A Championship Cup. If you liked it don’t forget to rate and share. Be the first to know when the next application is launched and support us to come up whit new games, by accessing our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GuessThat

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