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Ultimate Tigers of the Arctic

Ultimate Tigers of the Arctic

by Lisa Jeff


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Ultimate Tigers of the Arctic

Get ready to play Ultimate Tigers of the Arctic game to raise your baby tigers in snow and protect mate from predators.This ultimate tiger simulator game includes fantastic snow environment and epic cut scenes to make thrilling gameplay. You will play as ultimate tiger of the arctic jungle and survive in cold environment against different enemies.Complete each quest with new interesting missions and develop your hunting skills.This Siberian tiger -an animal simulator game allows you to fight against beasts of the arctic world.There are many surprises for you in this game and you will not disappoint.You will be guided in every tiger quest in this ULTIMATE TIGERS OF THE ARCTIC game with awesome tiger animations.Follow the mini map to get proper directions.You will perform simple tasks like protecting your family members, finding some food and drinking some water.Be careful, this is the wild land of adventure.Go to hunting with your mate to get food and train your tiger cubs.

Beware of the Elephant and huge bear they can kill you with their killing power.Eagles are flying around so make your cubs safe in dangerous environment.You have your own cave in this ultimate tiger simulator game to raise your family.You can choose different tigers of the arctic to play with.Build your hunting skills and eat when your hunger level gets low.Protect your big cat family from wolves of the arctic!Go to battle on this huge arctic landscape.You can use your furious attack in this tiger simulation game by pressing a single button and your Siberian tiger player will attack on the target enemy automatically.Your mate will help you in fighting against angry bosses.This young Tiger's story is interesting in the vast arctic territory.This arctic adventure game is the latest addition to tiger games.

Team up against your enemies with your family and show your aggressive and majestic side in this ultimate tigers of the arctic game.Battle against bears , wolves and hunt penguins , leopards of the arctic and other tigers of the forest.Collect all the magic elements in the offline map in order to craft your special powers.Increase your speed , strength and stamina with time.Be a ferocious Hunter and hunt down other jungle animals like Lion, tiger, bison, gazelle, hare, elephant and many more wild animals of the snowy savanna jungle.You have multiple attacking features like ultimate pounce attack with power button to attack more quickly in tiger simulator with mating.This game is the first game in our arctic series.

Ultimate Tigers of the Arctic game features:

-3 Different Tigers to choose
-Raise tigers cubs and find the mate
-Explore huge forests and lands.
-Super high quality 3D Arctic World map to explore
-Epic final battle against giant enemies
-Epic quest game with thrilling cut scenes
-Build your clan of tigers and protect family from wild animals.

The most Challenging gameplay with high quality graphics.The easiest animals to hunt are the rabbits and deer.Always wanted to be a predator? Start as a newbie tiger and evolve to a real terror of the wild!Explore the Jungle of snow ,look for prey to attack with your ultimate tiger in this tiger simulator.Exciting RPG-style gameplay and real nature sounds will never get you bore.The most realistic wild tiger simulator.Hunt or be hunted!We welcome your your suggestions for ultimate tigers of the arctic.