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Ultimate T-Rex Simulator

Ultimate T-Rex Simulator

by Lisa Jeff


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  • Ultimate T-Rex Simulator
  • Ultimate T-Rex Simulator
  • Ultimate T-Rex Simulator
  • Ultimate T-Rex Simulator

The T-Rex Dinosaur Survival Simulation game is here with outstanding and powerful features in Jurassic forest environment. This Ultimate T-Rex is ready for the Rampage .Dinosaur simulator allows you to take control of ferocious T-Rex as he roams near and far to face enemies. You have to defeat all angry bosses including Spinosaurus , Carnotaurus , Dilophosaurus , Triceratops, Velociraptor and Raptor. The more you play, the more the Tyrannosaurus Dino family grows and becomes stronger .Realistic fun Sounds will add excellent feature to this game. Find your dinosaur mate and start your family. Ultimate T-Rex Dinosaur simulation at its best with massive 3d map so take your time to explore all the areas and find bosses.

Plenty of challenges and actions including slow motion attack Bite, Claw and Pounce attack. Automated Power Attacks for instant kills. Just tap the red target your Tyrannosaurus Rex will run and attack automatically . Play as real Tyrannosaurus Rex and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Family members including mate and baby T-Rex are not only good companions but they will fight along side in combat.This Clans game is above all others.Go to your cave and press sleep button to rest with your mate also you can use Call button to get ready for attack along with your mate.

Ultimate Simulator Game Features:
-Your T-Rex Strength, Stamina, and Speed increase with each level of advancement
-Survive in huge open Jurassic jungle environment
-Defeat wild dinosaur bosses
-The weather and time of day is dynamic.
-Continuous action game play
-Improved and easy smooth controls
-Level up your Dino by performing different activities & quests

You will love this T-Rex ultimate action game with so much cool features and never get bored . Mate & Have cubs to start family.Real life Ultimate fearless T-Rex Adventures is waiting so create Chaos around the jungle and show your wild side.Live the life of T-Rex Hunt, Eat, Drink & Sleep to maintain your health and Energy. Wide variety of wild animals like Deer, Wolf, Boar, Crocodiles and more! Check our wild cheetah simulator game to enjoy more.Don't forget to give feedback .

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