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Ultimate Lego Puzzle Free 2016

Ultimate Lego Puzzle Free 2016

by App House


Our Rating

  • Ultimate Lego Puzzle Free 2016
  • Ultimate Lego Puzzle Free 2016

This sliding free lego puzzle game can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

You will be able to set the high quality images of Lego images as your mobile/tab wallpaper once you solve the puzzle in any game level.This is a very simple and addictive game.All you have to do is just slide the puzzle
pieces of Lego to right position.Help button is always there to view the image of selected Lego image in the middle of game play.

Try to solve the image puzzles of your favorite Lego images within minimum move.
Lego city, Lego city Harbor, Lego ninja,Lego Christmas,Lego Hotel,Lego shop, Lego girl and so many
super Lego characters are included.

If you want to taste all lego characters and infrastructures in a single place then this puzzle game 2016 is for you.
Try to solve them at a higher difficulty level to prove that you are the biggest fan.

Each Lego image will be more clear once you solve them, Enjoy :)

How to play:
★ Click the puzzle pieces to move towards blank space.
★ To get help, press the Help button at the bottom right corner.

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