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Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension

Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension

by Nam Kennic


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  • Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension
  • Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension
  • Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension
  • Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension
  • Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension
  • Typiora – Powerful Keyboard Extension
Typiora is an advanced keyboard extension designed for both iPhone and iPad that packed into a familiar system-layout design so you won't get lost to any new button layouts. Typiora has powerful features to help you to type faster and more convenient like cursor control, swipe to delete, text-case control, next-word prediction, auto correction, swipe to input, or one-hand mode. Typiora supports "Text Transformer" to convert your text into fancy fonts to impress your friends. Typiora also supports responsive themes, so you can change the keyboard to a new beautiful design and still meets the requested Dark or Light scheme. It's also very easy to design your own theme. Be unique and creative! The system keyboard is great, let Typiora makes it more than great with powerful additional features: • Swipe to Input: Drag through letters, type less and faster • Cursor Control: Drag to move the cursor quickly • Quick Delete: Swipe to delete, repeat deletion and word deletion • Forward Deletion: Delete text on the right • One-Handed Mode: Shrink the keyboard to type easily with one hand • Smart Prediction: Next-word guessing and auto correction • Shortcuts & Text Templates: Type less and faster, enhanced shortcuts are also used as text templates • Alt-Keys: Fast number input • Case Sensitive: Keyboard buttons in lowercase or uppercase • Text-Case Control: Fast switching text to uppercase, lowercase or capitalize. • Text Transformer: Convert your text to many different typefaces • Responsive Theme: Theme system supports both Light and Dark mode • Theme Design: Create your own Theme • Multi-Language: Downloadable, multi-language supported (updated regularly) • New Emoji: Quick access to full new emoji set • Pictographics: Access to hundreds of special symbols and text-arts • Test Lab: Section to test your keyboard to see how it reacts to every type of text fields Prior to iOS 8.3, Typiora requires Full Access for fully functional. Since iOS 8.3, Full Access is no more required (but still recommended in order to update/improve database) Typiora takes your privacy very seriously, it DOES NOT collect anything you type. Follow Typiora at: facebook.com/Typiora twitter.com/Typiora www.typiora.com Email: contact@typiora.com

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