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Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Truck Trials Driving Challenge

by Claude Newman


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Truck Trials Driving Challenge
Truck Trials Driving Challenge

In Truck Trials Driving Challenge you have to make sure to put enough fuel before hitting the road and get ready for an extreme off-road driving experience like never before.

Be ready to put your driving skills to test because this newest monster truck trial game will surely knock you down! This coolest truck trial game is also a puzzle game! Unlike the other truck driving games, Truck Trials Driving Challenge will certainly blow your mind. Think then Drive! Put all the ramps and speed-ups before rolling to avoid drowning in the river.

Collect all the three fuel cans on the road before reaching the finish line, and if you succeed, you’re up to the next challenge. Unlock all the levels! This game gets harder and harder as you progress. In the later levels, you will need to use vortexes, missiles, EMP charges and a lot more! Make sure to place them on the right platform to pass the obstacles. Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt it sure is a bumpy ride!

Main Features:

  • Fun and Free
  • A lot of challenging levels to unlock
  • Excellent sound effects, cool, smooth, high-quality graphics
  • Combination of Arcade and Puzzle Game
  • Vibrating effect to make it feel realistic
  • Can take screenshots during the game
  • Low memory and battery consumption

Download Truck Trials Driving Challenge now and experienced challenges in driving that you never had before!