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Troll Impact – The Lone Guardian

Troll Impact – The Lone Guardian

by SummerTimeStudio


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  • Troll Impact – The Lone Guardian
  • Troll Impact – The Lone Guardian
  • Troll Impact – The Lone Guardian
  • Troll Impact – The Lone Guardian
  • Troll Impact – The Lone Guardian
SummerTimeStudio, the mobile game development studio in Okinawa, Japan, brings you its 15th title, Troll Impact! The Troll has gone from bad guy to Princess-protecting hero! Shake the incoming enemies to their core in this impact-defense game. The Princess is trapped in the tower – enemies advance. Jump-and-smash until you have blown away all the enemies. How to Play - Control the Troll with one finger. - Tap and hold the screen until the jump gauge fills, then release for a ground-splitting impact! - Tap the screen for different jumps lengths. How to Strengthen your Character for Better Gameplay - Buy armor and helmets to strengthen the Troll plus boots for higher jumping – all at the item shop. Strengthen yourself to the max to further blow away all your enemies! - Learn the necessary skills to freeze or poison the enemy! Enjoy the Game - After using a skill, you must wait a certain amount of time before using it again. - If the Troll or the tower loses all of its HP, it is Game Over, so be careful! - Some enemies only attack the Troll, others only attack the Princess. Be aware of all types of enemies so you can plan your defense! Minimum Recommended Devices AndroidOS 4.2 GalaxyS4 Nexus7 iOS iPhone5 iPad Air

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