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The first Trivia app in the world that combines social networking, trivia questions and betting all together. In Trivia Star you will encounter enormous “Yes/No” trivia questions ✰✰✰ Fun addictive Trivia game! ✰✰✰ You have only one chance getting it right because you will encounter each question once for a limited time! Each question has three different levels: easy, medium and hard in addtion for each one different betting limit. Not sure what’s the correct answer? Bet on a small amount of money, otherwise just put “All IN” Correct? You gain your money bet Wrong? You lose the money you bet against. Time Over? We will not take your money for that. Do you want help the Trivia Star App Community? That’s great! And super easy: You can submit your own questions, For each questions we accept, you will gain a large sum of virtual money, if that not enough, for each gamer that fails because of your question you will get additional fee. Trivia Star Game allows you to choose between 3 different game types: Regular Game – Play against the clock with variety of infinite questions and difficulties. Topical Game – Play against the clock with variety of only topical questions which updates daily a on politics, sports, news, technology, and everything that’s on the topic. Play with Friends – you can invite your friend for VS Game, its you against him with question that we will automatically be choosen for you both, place your bet and start your contest. Trivia Star has its own record tables – All time ranks, Monthly record , Weekly record and Daily record ! Each period will be a new winner! Are you up for that? is Trivia is your thing? Pick up as many trophies as you can to prove it. We will reward with trophies each day, week and month for the higher rank Trivia Start Features: ✰ Fun addictive Trivia game. ✰ Enormous amount of Yes/No trivia questions from variety of topics and difficulty levels. ✰ Social Trivia and Betting game in one special app! ✰ Play against your friends to prove who’s the smartest. ✰ Variety of record tables and trophies ✰ Watch other profiles and check your daily progress ✰ Help Trivia star community and get more coins By doing so,you keep it a Social, Up to date Trivia! ✰ You will never answer the same question twice! ✰ Report wrong/inappropriate questions So, Are You up to it? Who’s gonna be our next 2015 Trivia Star? Join “Trivia Star” today, the party just begun… Questions Language: English, Hebrew, Arabic Application Language: English, Hebrew, Arabic Support: http://www.triviastarapp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TriviaStar triviastar@nfo.co.il

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