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Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz

by Roqaj Games And Apps


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  • Trivia Quiz
So you think you are so smart? Show us your brain power and your general knowledge. You are competing against other players from all around the world. Try to be the number one in Trivia Quiz. Try to answer to more hundreds of questions from various fields, such as: Science, Music, Movies, History, Entertainment, Writing, Geography, Art and General Trivia questions, etc. In quiz, time and accuracy is essential. Every week we will add a new set of trivia questions, so you dont have to worry about running out of questions. * HOW TO PLAY QUIZ: - Set of 8 trivia questions per round. - Three possible answers. - Hundreds of questions from many fields of knowledge. - Your score is based on your correct answers. - Every correct answered question will get you 100 points. - 800 points is max score in one trivia game. * TRIVIA QUIZ FEATURES: - Quiz is fully optimized for all android devices(including tablets), and most of the android versions(from android 2.2. until the latest versions). - Rankings and leaderboards. - Achievements. - Improves your brain power. - Challenging and hard trivia questions. - Hours of fun. - Background music. - Free to play. There are general questions from many fields such as: - Art - Literature - Entertainment - Famous People - Knowledge in general - History - Geography - Nature - Science - Technology - Music - Movies - Writing Show to everyone how much knowledge you own. Play and test your skills and knowledge in this trivia game. It is challenging and hard. Improve your trivia quiz knowledge with hundreds of questions from the categories above. You can play Trivia Quiz for hours and still learn something new. So you think you are smart? Show it!

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