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Tricky Color Switch

Tricky Color Switch

by Emma Joy


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Tricky Color Switch
Tricky Color Switch
Tricky Color Switch
Tricky Color Switch

Have fun with Tricky Colore Switch Game. Guide the ball to jump through the challenging hoops. Beware the hoops are moving and keep getting more and more difficult. Wait until the hoops and ball are of same color and then tap to jump and up you go. Enjoy the smart color twist.
Tricky Color Switch is a fascinating app in which you guide a color changing ball through smart matching color hoops. The hoops are rotating and are divided in various color sections. The trick is to tap and jump when the ring and the ball have synchronized in color scheme. Avoid the mismatch color cross or the ball will bounce off the track.
This smart color switching app is designed to indulge you in a fun pass time. The higher you climb, the more levels you clear with increasing difficultly and the quick color swap of hoops. The intense gameplay urges you to outsmart the obstacles and clear various levels. It is also a good exercise for fingers dexterity and enhances your visual receptors and physical response time.
So let’s play the Tricky Color Switch and see how quick you can be!
-Stunning graphics and auxiliary visual effects
-Dynamic and challenging design
-Strong and addictive gameplay
-Smooth and responsive controls