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Treasure House Escape

Treasure House Escape

by Starodymov


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Treasure House Escape
Treasure House Escape
Treasure House Escape
They will play an archaeologist who devoted his entire life to the search for an interesting ancient treasures. According to known historical data, he decided to find tucked away in a forgotten strange house an ancient treasure. The protagonist does not know what secrets and mysteries await anyone who decides to enter this house. You start the game in the lobby terrible at home, your job is to find the ancient treasures. Two floors with mystical rooms await you. In each room you have a lot of puzzles, without which you can not go into the next room rotten home to solve. Every open space will boost your success, to find gold this horrible house. Will not only interfere with puzzles, find the treasure to you, but also a terrible monster that protects the treasure from prying eyes. Collect different objects, combine them together. Interact with the objects in the rooms. To defeat the monster that horrible house. Find the treasure and become rich! Beautiful graphics and music immerse yourself in a mystical fairy tale. The game is free.