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TravelEchoes combines a travel guide made by real passionate travellers working in our team with a vast collection of travel information, tips and experiences from a worldwide community of travel fanatics like you.We make special focus on photos since a picture is worth a thousand words . We want you to have the best and most accurate and useful information about your travel destinations. This way yo will make the most of your travel experience. Main features of TravelEchoes are: - Explorer: you can use the Explorer to discover the points of interest of the region you want, using its many features, or simply you can find out which interesting spot or attraction is the closest one to your location at any time. You can read the most important information about points of interest, place them on a map, see their photo galleries, user reviews, and so on. - Trip Planner:you can select points of interest according to geographical criteria, ratings, categories and make a detailed plan for each day of your trip. You will have an idea of the distances you have to cover every day and a map with the daily itinerary. - Utilities: a set of great utilities let you know useful information such as sunrise and sunset times, the place you parked your car, or where the hotel or any other place of your choice is located. You can also make a record of the itinerary you have followed in order to repeat it, create a travel diary or share it with other travellers. - Offline mode: you can download the trip plan you've arranged online to your device and take with you all the information you need to fully enjoy your travel experience. This way you will avoid any cost due to roaming fees. Offline guides include a lot of useful information. - Filters: TravelEchoes has a powerful filter and categories system that you can customise according to your preferences. Travel experiences are offered on the basis of your activity through the app.

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