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Tourist Train Theme Park

Tourist Train Theme Park

by Supercloud Games Studio


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  • Tourist Train Theme Park
  • Tourist Train Theme Park
  • Tourist Train Theme Park
  • Tourist Train Theme Park
  • Tourist Train Theme Park
ENTER THE AMAZING THEME PARK Step on a ride to visit and entertain tourists around the most scenic and attractive theme parks in the world like Jurassic Park Animal Safari & Monument Park. Drive a Tourist Train through the numerous amusements and attractions the theme park has to offer. ENTERTAINING SIMULATION IN 3 EXCITING THEME PARK LOCATIONS Get in touch with the beautiful locations, astounding offers and vivid wildlife of jungle, visiting 3 highly detailed and larger than life theme parks. Get a hint of future mixed with flavors of the past as you get greeted by the wildlife known to be extinct to mankind. Get glimpse of prehistoric dinosaurs and adjusted environments to take a feel of the wildlife back in the days. DETAILED OBJECTIVE BASED LEVELS In a journey through five exciting levels of game play, drive tourists in your train with the objective of entertaining them throughout their journey, keeping their moods at optimum levels by making perfect stops at attractive spots. Driving skills are of extreme importance here. Make one wrong stop, and you have a number of disgruntled tourists inside the train. The weather changes throughout the 3 locations will be another factor to contend with. Your train is fully customize able, which might turn out to be an advantage. Change the color schemes of the train to experiment and your train might become a tourist attraction as well.

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