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Total War in VR

Total War in VR

by BrightStars


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  • Total War in VR
  • Total War in VR
  • Total War in VR
  • Total War in VR
Total War in VR is a mobile virtual reality RTS in which you build an army of marines to keep your base and resources safe from a bunch of menacing enemy mechs, drones and air fighters. It’s best to play standing and aiming at a wall, on a printed paper or directly pointed down at the floor. Tapping the eye button allows you to toggle motion tracking on your scene. Having some objects in the scene makes for better grasp of space and real-time motion tracking. You'll begin by setting up a base - placing buildings like command centers, barracks, energy blocks, and communication towers before generating a vast army of marines. There are defensive weapons to install like cannons and missile turrets which you can upgrade and you can call in missile strikes to swing the battle back in your favor should things go wrong. You have a few minutes to place your assets - soon after a wave of mechs, drone enemies and air fighters will come to attack you. The goal is simple, but you destroy all foes until their resources are depleted when you advance to the next level.

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