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Top Color Switch

Top Color Switch

by DTXGame


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Top Color Switch
Top Color Switch
Top Color Switch
Top Color Switch
Top Color Switch
Top Color Switch
Top Color Switch

Color Switch is a Addictive and Frustrating Tap to Jump Game! 

★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★

✤ As the player moves upward they have to navigate multi-color primitive shapes. The player changes color when pickups are collected. The player can only traverse the colored areas of the primitive shape that match the players color. 

✤ There are many Color Switch style games/clones under many names on the Android Marketplace. This Complete Project is meant to serve as an example to show how a game like this could be created. This is not necessarily a "ready to release" game, but it is at the very least a complete vertical slice.

✤ Switch Color has HD graphics.

✤ Impressive color patterns.

✤ Easy to play, hard to master.

✤ Switch Color is a game free for all ages.


✪ Level is infinite(though uses a finite number of obstacles).

✪ PickUps and Obstacles objects are pooled(no create and destroys except for particles).

✪ New Design.

✪ Stylish look.

✪ Game Performance.

✪ Improve Visuallization.

✪ Improve Colors.

✪ New Player Effect.

✪ New Bouncy Effect.

✪ New Color Effect.

✪ New GUI.

✪ Better Interface.

✪ Unique Design.

✪ Unique Color.

✪ Latest Features.

✪ Improve Performance and Player Efficiency and Effectiveness.

We have added Admob ads to earn some cents. We want to say a sweetest THANK YOU to everyone who has played this free game & gave us five star reviews!