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by Dianysma Interactive


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We are Dianysma Interactive and would like to introduce you to toonfit tech preview! Our Indiegogo campaign launches on February 1st! What is toonfit Toonfit is an exergaming app for kids. Cute cartoons animated directly from personal trainers using the latest motion capture tech. Cartoons is the best possible way to motivate kids. We want toonfit to become the app that will help kids grow up into adults with healthy lifestyle. Who we are We are a video game development team. We have worked as freelancers making games with unity, most times cooperating with artists for content. Until we decided to start our project, toonfit. Due to low initial budget we had to learn and create content on our own. This way we could keep content quality at the level we wanted. Our first cartoon character is Amanda, a girl with beautiful eyes that can convince you and your kids to workout. Our second one is already in final stages of design and is an action robot. We want to add variety of cartoons so that kids can choose their favorite. We are going to need 3d artists to work for us. Now that we have reached the end of the first and most important development phase, it is time to ask for support from the awesome audience of Indiegogo. What you get Supporting our campaign will bring an incomparable experience to your kids. They will be able to enjoy magnificent workout sets and nutrition tips along with funny and engaging achievements and mini games. All these combined with workout timers, calorie counter, adaptive variable difficulty, smartwatch sync(depends on platform), parental control and performance graphs/history. The final result will deliver a unique synthesis of features never offered again in the fitness/exergaming software category. More info and download links on our website: http://toonfit.com Like us on FB: www.facebook.com/toonfit.game Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/toonfit

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