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Toddler ABC – 123 Learning

Toddler ABC – 123 Learning

by SITech INC.


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  • Toddler ABC – 123 Learning
  • Toddler ABC – 123 Learning
  • Toddler ABC – 123 Learning
  • Toddler ABC – 123 Learning
  • Toddler ABC – 123 Learning
  • Toddler ABC – 123 Learning
Toddler Abc - 123 Learning Everyone wants their kids to be sharp, quick learner, intelligent and to top their class. To make kids / Toddler / Children learn is very difficult in start. - Toddler/ Children/ Preschool Kids will learn Alphabets and Numeric Numbers. - Parents and Teacher Must use this App, and Teach ABC to Z and 0 to 10 Numeric Numbers to their children, students through this App. - Easy way for Kids to learn English Alphabets and Numbers with Sounds. - This application supports your Children, Toddler, Kids and any one willing to Learn Alphabets ABC to Z. - This application is colorful and interactive. - It plays sounds of every numeric and alphabet is pressed. As android devices are now everywhere in every child's hand, Teachers and Parents need to use this App and also show to their Children / Toddler / Kids and Students. - So this application is to make your kids to use them in positive way. - Teach your children to pronounce the letters of the Alphabets and Numbers in correct way. - ABC Sounds is an educational game. Feature: ★ Alphabets including ABC to Z ★ Numbers including 0 to 10 ★ Kids / Toddler / Children / Preschool Learner ★ ABC Voice, 123 Voice and Background Sounds ★ Learning / Educational App ★ Start with a Music sound. ★ Human Voice for Alphabets and Numeric Numbers. ★ click any Alphabets and Numeric Numbers it produce Sound. ★ if you pressed the wrong button it will vibrat your Mobile. You can tell us our weak point, so we can improve our work and provide you more perfect quality work.

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