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by Elektronikkbutikken.no


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Are you on the lookout for a nice brain teaser that offers you immense opportunities and a very good reflex testing experience? Then Tiles is right up your alley, because this is a game that allows you to solve a variety of puzzles which are seamlessly designed in order to bring you the ultimate, highest quality experience unlike never before! The challenge in Tiles is very simple, you have multiple colored pieces that need to be stacked with one another upon the end level tile. You will have to combine 2 at a time by putting them near one another, however they do need to have a tile in the middle in order for you to seamlessly connect them without any hassle. There are multiple levels which you can explore and play as you see fit, which each one bringing you a specific set of challenges along the way. It’s important to always try out new strategies in order to complete a level, and Tiles does offer you the necessary tools right under your fingertips. If the solution won’t come easy, you can immediately use the Undo button in order to revert the puzzle to its previous, default iteration. This way you have countless ways to try out the best solutions that come in your mind. Thankfully, the difficulty increases exponentially and you always have new challenges to overcome, something you will like a lot. The game is split into multiple chapters, 6 of them, and each one comes with a higher difficulty levels. You will need to acquire as many stars as possible when you play the game, as the number of stars is directly tied to the ability of unlocking new chapters. Tiles is designed with a wonderful replay value in mind and there are always lots of challenges to overcome that you will simply love the attention to detail and the high quality provided here. You will be amazed with the stellar experience presented here and the interesting level design, so don’t hesitate and immerse yourself into one of the best brain teasers out there. Complete dozens of levels, explore countless possibilities and have a lot of fun in doing so, all with the help of Tiles! We know you're smart. But are you smart enough to defeat the fiendish minimalism of Tiles? Features: • Chapter based gameplay • One of a kind game mechanic • Each level can be solved in multiple ways • Beautiful background graphics

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