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Tic Tac Stone

Tic Tac Stone

by JiriS


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  • Tic Tac Stone
  • Tic Tac Stone
  • Tic Tac Stone
An abstract strategy game with four simple rules: 1. Each turn player places one stone on tile of his choice. Player cannot place a stone on tile where another player already placed his own stone. 2. Each tile can hold up to three stones so player may place stones over already placed ones. 3. Whenever player places a stone in close neighborhood of his opponent's stones and there are five or more tiles with the same number of stones connected to each other (both player's and his opponent's but at least one of each color) affected stones change into gems of a player's color and count as +1 for each tile to score for the player. In other words: the affected tiles are considered taken by player. 4. The goal is to take over more than 1/3 of the game field - once this happens game ends awarding winning player total score representing percentage of the game field taken and time spent*) making moves (the faster moves the better score). *) Time bonus is basically a multiplication factor starting at 300 decreasing to 1 over 3 seconds. That is - making move in zero time (quite impossible...:-) ) awards full time bonus (300x) and move taking longer than 3 seconds awards no time bonus at all (1x). Average time bonus is counted in after game is over. Note: the "take over" animation takes some time - this does NOT affect time bonus.

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