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The Slimeking’s Tower

The Slimeking’s Tower

by RevampedPRO


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  • The Slimeking’s Tower
  • The Slimeking’s Tower
  • The Slimeking’s Tower
  • The Slimeking’s Tower
  • The Slimeking’s Tower
Are you looking for the ultimate adventure game that offers you incredible gameplay and a stellar soundtrack? Welcome to The Slimeking's Tower, an amazing, action packed game that allows you to explore a massive set of dungeons with one single goal, and that is to get rid of all slime that comes in your way. The Slimeking's Tower allows you to acquire items as you eliminate slime, and these can be used in order to further improve your abilities. There are many boss battles in the game, and in order to defeat these massive monsters you need to use all skills, abilities and items at your disposal. Exploring the dungeon depths has never been so much fun and filled with excitement! Did I mention that the tower changes every time you play? Well, that's it, items, enemies, bosses and rooms may change the next time you go in! Within The Slimeking Tower you can also find ranking capabilities, the ability to change camera view as well as plenty of other cool features. Destroy urns, browse each portion of the level and eliminate the Slimeking, all while enjoying many gameplay opportunities. With The Slimeking's Tower you can find dozens of hours of complete, action packed fun, so don’t hesitate and press the Install button, then enjoy an amazing, never seen before adventure as you try to kill the slime king!

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