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The Scrap Metal

The Scrap Metal

by greensoup2012


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  • The Scrap Metal
  • The Scrap Metal
  • The Scrap Metal
  • The Scrap Metal
  • The Scrap Metal
The is a side scrolling adventure game. Games information Help the robot to change it fate!BUT CAN YOU DO IT? The robot need to overcome three dangerous area,they are factory area,volcano area and laboratory area. The robot need battery energy to move. The robot need 5 watts of battery energy to jump. Beware of the bomb,it will reduce 10 watts of battery energy. When battery energy reach zero,it can't move and need to redo again. Beware of the iron traps and electronic wastewater,the robot will stop function immediately. The recharger can recharge battery energy and store the robot data. The battery extender can extend battery energy,but need the recharger to activate. The red & green relative device-when open red barrier,it will close green barrier at the same time. When open green barrier,it will close red barrier at the same time. The blue device-open or close the blue barrier. Try to push the large iron box,it can help you. Games menu The button at bottom right-start the games. The button at bottom left-change the games control method(4 method). The button at upper left-clear the save data(Hold the button for 3 secs). The button at upper right-upload save,download save,leaderboard,achievements,login and credits. Games support Google Play Game Services support. There is 10 achievements to unlock. Leaderboard-Time Attack-Try to clear the games as fast as you can!

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