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The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban

The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban



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  • The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban
  • The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban
  • The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban
  • The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban
  • The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban
  • The Lonely Allie – 3D Sokoban
Sokoban is a classic puzzle game invented in Japan. Today Sokoban is one of the most popular thought and logic games. The idea of The Lonely Allie game: Еach level represents an interior room, where boxes(or crates) have appeared on the randomly places. You must help of Allie to push the boxes around the maze of the room so that, in the end, all boxes must be on the marked fields. The only restriction is that Allie could only push a box, but can't pull, and that just one box may be pushed at this time. In the fictional world of the girl Allie, you have to help her to solve all the levels in the game. The game is a lot of fun, developing logical thinking and helping children to improve brain activity. Key differences: The Lonely Allie is completely difference with its: - AWESOME 3D GRAPHICS - MOBILE FRIENDLY ASSETS - VERY CUTE CHARACTER - IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOLVING PUZZLES. Rules: The objective of the The Lonely Allie is to move boxes to designated locations by pushing them. These boxes are located inside a room surrounded by walls or other objects in it. Allie can move up, down, left and right, but cannot pass through walls or boxes, and can only push one box at a time (never pull). At any time, a square can only be occupied by either a wall, a box, or Allie herself. Features: - 55+ IMPOSSIBLE LEVELS - VIVID & HD GRAPHICS - COMPLETELY FREE - QUICKLY RESTART & REPLAY - INTUITIVE INTERFACE - DEVELOPS LOGICAL THINKING - IMPROVE CONCENTRATION - MANY HOURS OF FUN I appreciate any feedback or ideas, please feel free to mail me.

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