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The Killbox 17

The Killbox 17

by The Killbox


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The Killbox 17
The Killbox 17
The Killbox 17
The Killbox 17
The Killbox 17
The Killbox 17

"Showdown" is the Arabic version of THE KILLBOX, a FPS live shooter.
The game features direct and live confrontations between individuals and teams with various conventional and special weapons. Enjoy with your friends the formation of your own team and participate in the strongest competitions with other teams from different countries of the world.
To join this game and discover the secrets of its stages and compete with different teams, simply download it and invite your friends and start forming and leading your team.
Main features:
- Protect and direct confrontations.
- One confrontation team consists of 6 individuals.
- A superior shooting experience with a tactical action system and a controller
- Multiple and varied stages in terms of places and difficulties
- Harmonious, uniform teams to confront the enemies
Eliminate monsters in the space stage
- Competitions open to everyone! With the ability to play through the VR world
Additional features:
- Story mode for the team members to share the developments of the confrontation, not connected to the Internet
- Your weekly ranking in these confrontations and challenges entitles you to get in-game rewards
- Automatic withdrawals for in-game rewards

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